Les Edits Du Golem

He came to protect you. He's growing every day. He's made out of mud and letters. He uses scissors to edit obscure tracks. No one, except his master, could destroy him... The time has come for the world to experience the power of the Golem.

Bernadott - The Roof Of Love EP

A long time coming, the first EP from the mysterious duo Bernadott finally reaches us. The Golem first heard those tracks last summer and noticed his body was moving beyond his control ! He therefore decided he should immediately enroll these beat-smiths before the competition took notice. Introducing Bernadott, the Roof of Love Reworks showcases the talent of two underground producers hailing from Paris and Stockholm, two diggers of the highest order, immersed in musique concrete, italo, free jazz, punk, chicago house and such, two DJs devoted to tension, hips and shoulders. With upcoming releases on high profile labels, The Golem proudly takes them to the forefront first, unleashing their highly original and leftfield take on the dancefloor. On Side A, Bernadott turns a white funk forgotten gem, expands it before turning it into a gherkin-esque acid burner with unexpected nods to juke, subtly returning to its post punk roots before you even notice. The Golem also wanted to have a nice tune to share with his girlfriend, and he got his wish with side B, another post punk affair autistically turned into a dubby madchester piano choon, a quasi absurd but groovy breezy love song.


  • 22 June 2012
  • 10