Les Edits Du Golem

He came to protect you. He's growing every day. He's made out of mud and letters. He uses scissors to edit obscure tracks. No one, except his master, could destroy him... The time has come for the world to experience the power of the Golem.

Bernadott - The Roof Of Love EP

A long time coming, the first EP from the mysterious duo Bernadott finally reaches us. The Golem first heard those tracks last summer and noticed his body was moving beyond his control ! He therefore decided he should immediately enroll these beat-smiths before the competition took notice. Introducing Bernadott, the Roof of Love Reworks showcases the talent of two underground producers hailing from Paris and Stockholm, two diggers of the highest order, immersed in musique concrete, italo, free jazz, punk, chicago house and such, two DJs devoted to tension, hips and shoulders. With upcoming releases on high profile labels, The Golem proudly takes them to the forefront first, unleashing their highly original and leftfield take on the dancefloor. On Side A, Bernadott turns a white funk forgotten gem, expands it before turning it into a gherkin-esque acid burner with unexpected nods to juke, subtly returning to its post punk roots before you even notice. The Golem also wanted to have a nice tune to share with his girlfriend, and he got his wish with side B, another post punk affair autistically turned into a dubby madchester piano choon, a quasi absurd but groovy breezy love song.


I:Cube - Cubo Edits

After 3 years of hibernation, Golem is back ! The monster is reactivated. After listening to his new EP “Lucifer En Discothèque”, the Mighty Golem decided to kidnapp I:Cube, took him into his cave, and asked him to do some special edits to make him dance. That’s the real genesis of this 7th episode of the Golem adventures : “I:Cube presents Cubo Edits”. On A Side, I:Cube reworks what  seems to be an 80’s synthpop tune and  turns it into  a slo mo house monster with a strong climax… This is followed by  “A Bicyclette”, a mellow romantic tune inspired by what we call “variété” in french. But the Golem wanted more… On the B side, you can find  “Piano In Paradiso”. A real Piano House anthem, that will take you back to the golden age of italian house. This new episod finally  ends up with “You Dance So Well”, a strange but very danceable track that comes with some mysterious german lyrics.


A-L-T - A-L-T’s Summer Outing

The golem is off on another hot and sweat drenched musical excursion, this time with a.l-t.’s summer outtings. get ready for a hedonistic trip around the world, balearic disco galore at the eden rock in antibes, tropical afro disco at la toubana in guadeloupe and finally some pakistani infused reggae disco at islamabad serena.


Romain BNO - Les Edits Du Golem 5

Is Romain BNO paris best kept secret? Maybe… He would probably not mind being a secret actually. You all know the type. A vast endless well of musical knowledge, years of record selling, centuries of record hunting, a record collection that makes cracks in concrete buildings, an underground free radio show spreading the word of obscurity, a constant denial of all trends of fashion… Yes, he is the annoying type we all need in times of instant global access to everything and musical conformism. Yes, he is the living proof that good taste can not be bought. Ever. Be happy that he allows you to enter his dusty music room, believe us.


Unknown Artist - Les Edits Du Golem 4

After a long trip in space (remember the golem 3…) the golem is lost in the 80s for the 4th episode. first, on side a, he brings us a post new wave/pre new beat catchy track, which will rock even the more lethargic dance floor! on b side, you ll find a real masterpiece of electronic music! a fast driven track which reminds to the delirious pop of yellow magic orchestra or vicious pink.


Unknown Artist - Les Edits Du Golem 3

Golem episode 3 : he has now left the earth to conquer the universe. and this 12inch deliver us the soundtrack of this space odyssey ! on a side youll find spacerock. this time, contrary to what you could think when youre listening to it, its not an edit of a forgotten italo b-side but an original track done this year by a famous french producers duo. no need to launch the worldwide nerd contest to find who did it in the late 70s…. on b-side, a.l-t. give us 2 new edits. reaching to the sky is an early electronic piece, hypnotic and completely weird with its guitar >à la morricone< ! and cosmic rocket, with its powerful drum and its siren all along the track, prove us how a 70s psychedelic library music production could be a dancefloor filler ! an epic song which sounds like chemical brothers produced by vangelis !

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Unknown Artist - Les Edits Du Golem 2


Unknown Artist - Les Edits Du Golem 1

For the first one, the golem dig 3 gems from overseas sumak is an epic space funk track from the middle east recorded in the 70s! and never pressed on a 12 Inch vinyl! klout is an edit of a reggae tune from the other side of the world high infectious groove! and pyramide is a disco/balearic arabian song from late 70s.